Black Women in Trump’s America

Story by Deziyah Flood. Photo by Google.

MARCH 30, 2017. During Donald Trump’s campaign, he made a lot of insulting comments towards many people, groups of people, companies, organizations and nations. I felt a personal attack when Trump attacked women and the black community with his offensive remarks. Trump’s disrespect for women was something I took personally because I am a female. I worry about him as president. I do not believe leaders or people, in general, should look at women and think that it is okay to inappropriately touch them.

Many people were upset about the outcome of the elections. In response, many women and people came together to send a message to the new president. Now that Trump is in office I hope that he becomes more compassionate and caring about people and groups that he does not identify with. America is the land of the free. America is my home and where I aspire to make a difference by going to Yale University and becoming the chef that changes one plate at a time.

Deziyah Flood is a 5th grade scholar at Friendship Blow Pierce Academy.