Black Panther Movie Brings in Big Bucks for Georgia

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 8.26.04 AM.png

Story by Braylon Wims. Photo courtesy of IndieWire

February 14, 2018. We are finally a few days away From the hottest movie ever! This is one of the most anticipated movies because the superhero is actually black. And, this happens to be Black History Month, and so many kids are looking forward to seeing a hero that looks like them. Earlier this week, Deadline reported that the movie has helped boost the economy of Georgia by over $90 million dollars! How did this happen? Well, the movie was filmed in Atlanta and many of the businesses and vendors sold a ton of products to the production team and others who were working on the movie.

During the community screening of the movie, MPAA Chairman and CEO Charles Rivkin announced that the Marvel Studios entire production has brought in over $90 million to the state of Georgia’s economy. This is exciting news to hear because the film has also broken records in advance ticket sales. So far the movie is sold out in theaters everywhere. Like many, I will be counting the days down until its release date February 16, 2018, There’s no guarantee that I will get tickets, but I do know that there’s a field trip to see the movie and I’ll be there.

Braylon Wims is a 7th grade scholar at Friendship Woodridge International Academy.