Best Brother Duo in NFL

Story by Jacquez Wagner. Photo from

JUNE 11, 2019: What does everyone dream about when they are a young kid growing up playing football with or against their family? Maybe to be like brothers in the NFL like Chris, Jake, and Howie Long or the Mannings: Eli, Petony, and Archie.

Then there’s the Watt brothers. Both brothers, JJ Watt and TJ Watt are at the top of their games and they play defense. Normally it's only one good brother but in this case, both are game changers. Both Watts play defense which is not usual. Both brothers have been to the pro bowl.

When they came into the league, they made a splash right away making changes to  their game plans. TJ had 13 sacks in his rookie years and was tied at the sixth spot for most sacks by any defensive player while his brother JJ Watt was second in the league with 16 sacks. TJ was named Defensive Rookie of the Year while his brother was named the 84th best player in the NFL.

Both Watt brothers are leaders on their teams. They just don't control the defensive side. They are team captains and people look up to them. Even though TJ is so young, his teammates say that he has played at the NFL level for years. They say he’s “so humble and wise. He always knows what to do...” just like his brother, JJ Watt.

Jacquez Wagner is a sophomore at Friendship Collegiate Academy.