Baby Eagles, We Never Stop!

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Story by Lanezjah Anderson, Ryan Mabry, Bailee Melvin, Christian Outten, and Nyyah Robinson. Photo by Dayonna Gore.

MAY 3, 2019. On Saturday, March 30th, the elementary cheerleaders got a chance to cheer their hearts out! We embarked on an exciting challenge for the first time going to an actual Cheer Starz Varsity Competition and competed for the first time at the junior high school division level! This is a really big deal because Varsity Brand Cheerleading has done away with any “elementary” divisions and therefore we had to compete with the novice, junior high, and a category of 9th grade and under.

“This was so exciting! Although it was a really big deal being there with all of these older teams, it was really fun!” said Lanezjah Anderson, a second year cheerleader.

“I was so nervous at first! said Ryan Mabry. The nervousness went away once the music started and the crowd started cheering for us.”

Reasons to Be a Cheerleader

Cheerleading builds self-esteem. Cheerleading helps with our performance skills because we are more prepared to stand up and face whatever assignments, presentations, and speaking we are required to do. This really helps our grades because we are all more confident in school. Cheerleading also teaches us how to work as a group in class because of our teamwork.         

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These are all the reasons why anyone would want to be a cheerleader, and especially at Woodridge. Our middle school cheerleaders are number one and have placed first in all of their competitions. This is only the second year for our elementary team, and we are on our way to the top. We did not come in first place, but we gave it our best. We placed third with a score of 88.1 out of 100. Now that is really good for an elementary team that competed against middle and high school teams. G-O-O-O-O Woodridge!

Lanezjah Anderson, Ryan Mabry, Bailee Melvin, Christian Outten, and Nyyah Robinson are fourth grade scholars and Dayonna Gore is a seventh grade scholar at Friendship International School.