Ask the Mighty Scholar

by the FNN Southeast Media Team
December 17, 2014

Dear Mighty Scholar
Why is robotics so important? - Rocky
Dear Rocky,
Robotics is important in schools because it is one of the entry points for the field of engineering. Engineering is very exciting. You get to solve real problems, make lots of money and travel.

Dear Mighty Scholar,
Why do they call the school’s Robotics team: “Tiger-Bots”?   -Meme
Dear Meme,
The school’s mascot is a tiger and the team builds robots to solve a problem, so they are called the “Tiger-Bots”.

Dear Mighty Scholar
I don’t have time to eat all my lunch, and I am hungry later in class.
- Cookie

Dear Cookie,
You get 30 minutes for lunch if you start to eat your food as soon as you get it and not talk and play at the table, you should have enough time to eat.

Dear Mighty Scholar,
There are two boys that keep bothering me. What should I do? - Coco
Dear Coco,
First, try talking to them one at a time and let them know that you don’t like what they are doing and tell them to please stop. If they don’t stop, tell a trusted adult to talk to them.

- The Mighty Scholar has asked to remain anonymous. If you’d like to Ask the Mighty Scholar a question, put your question in the Mighty Scholar question box outside the Smart Lab at Friendship Southeast Academy.