Ashero Pop-Up performs at Friendship Armstrong for Read Across America Day

MAY 31, 2017: Have you ever watched a show called Boondocks?

Well, the person who helped create it came to visit our school, Friendship Armstrong Academy. His name is Ashero. Ashero is a great person because he wants to help kids and teenagers get their reading in, expand their thinking, and change their lives through music.

Ashero came to our school and sang the intro to Boondocks. He came to talk to us about reading and what we should do to help us read better, nowand in the future. He also told us how reading will benefit our lives. Ashero also talked to us about how songs and the power of music can help us.

Ashero also spoke to us about how what you learn now can affect what you do in the future. He also told us about an artist called Nas who wrote a song about his life, and how his father, Olu Dara, sang with him. He showed us a song as a brief example, “Bridging The Gaps” by Nas and Olu Dara. Ashero also brought the friends who helped him make Boondocks so they could also meet us.

The early childhood students also had a similar performance from the other creator of Boondocks, Aaron McGruder. He came to perform a song to the younger scholars of Friendship Armstrong, and they had a great time too.

Ashero was very inspiring to all of us students.

Jerel Lomax, Jr. is a 5th grade scholar at Friendship Armstrong Academy.