Armstrong Theatre Club performs “We Are The Dream”

Story by Janiyah Basil. Photo by David Yanez.

MAY 2, 2017: The Armstrong Theatre Club had a play based on the famous civil rights legend, Martin Luther King, Jr., in the Armstrong Auditorium. They did this not only to recognize Dr. King but also to recognize other African-American icons from our history.

The play based on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a spectacular story of his life. The play shows a class of students set in the 1960s, who learned about Dr. King’s life while waiting for him to arrive at their school.

Though the play was beautiful, the actors had some difficulties with transition and timing. Even with those challenges, they managed to finish the play delightfully. Another issue that occurred was actors remembering lines. Some of the actors had to depend on paper scripts instead of memorizing them. But they did great.

The leading lady, Brianna Taylor, who played Coretta Scott King was wonderful. She also played one of the students in the play. Her transitions, her voice changes, and enthusiasm was impressive. Her costume was Coretta Scott King on the back, and on the front was the student that she played.

The leading male, James Jones Jr., who played Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was inspirational. He did a powerful segment of the famous “I Have a Dream” speech. James talked about all the racism in the world that happened then, and still happens now, and how he wanted to change it. When he stood on the podium and recited this piece he looked very determined and felt like he really believed in it like Dr. King had.

Janiyah Basil is a 5th grade scholar at Friendship Armstrong Academy.