Are You Benefiting From Acrylic?

Story and photo by Za’Mieyah Royall.  

April 13, 2018. Are you benefitting from acrylic? Well, for some people who don’t know about acrylic, it is a type of powder that the nail salons use to put on false nails. Acrylic is used by all races and ages. I also use it to for my nails to help with length.

I know acrylic could be very harsh on your nails and really bad. Sometimes it does harm to my nails. Acrylic can mess up your nails when you take the nails off and sometimes they will bleed. However, I just love the colors and designs.

From my picture above you can see that the hands at the bottom have nails that are “messed up” and destroyed because of acrylic. Now, I'm not saying don’t get acrylic on your nails, but be careful of the results and don’t be negligent. To protect your nails and get the acrylic off correctly, remember to put your nails in hot water. Then after you put your nails in the hot water you can start to peel it off.  

In conclusion, I like to put acrylic on my nails to make them grow. I don’t know if I would recommend that very young girls use acrylic on their nails.

Za ‘Mieyah Royall is a 6th grade scholar at Friendship Blow Pierce Academy.