Anyone Care for Some Rap Potato Chips?

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Story by Serenity Bussey. Photos courtesy of and Paris Dozier.

MARCH 9, 2018: Welcome back, Rap Snacks. We've missed you! The potato chip company that first came out with the Hip-Hop snack back in 1994 has now been rebranded and is finally making a comeback! This is the most popular snack eaten at lunchtime today. Rap chips are all teachers see being pulled out of students’ lunch bags on field trips.

If you haven’t heard of these Rap Snacks, then you are definitely missing out on a delicious potato chip. Yes, I know it is junk food, but a snack is a snack. These chips are way better than the popular Doritos, hot Cheetos, and even Utz Salt and Vinegar. The company has just released a new edition featuring various rap groups and flavors: Migos’ “Sour Cream with a Dab of Ranch," Fetty Wap's "Honey Jalapeno" and Lil Romeo's "BBQ  with my Honey".

It is a special treat each time a purchase is made because you never know which Hip Hop artist you will come home with. The best thing about this comeback is the fact that the chips will be offering some exclusive songs through a barcode that can be scanned on the back of the packaging. I just know that these chips are worth snacking on with all of this flavor and extra perks!

Serenity Bussey and Paris Dozier are both 3rd grade scholars at Friendship Woodridge Academy.