All They Want for Christmas

Story by T’Nyiah White. Photo courtesy of Dreamstime

Are you late getting your Christmas shopping complete? Sounds much like thousands of people just a week before Christmas. Don’t panic, there is still time to put a smile on your child’s faces. There is no need to spend long hours in a mall and going from store to store looking for that special toy for that picky child. Here are the “Top Five” gifts that are most popular this year: the Hoverboard, iphone 7, 15-inch MacBook Pro laptop computer, Hatchimals hatchable egg, and money.

The “Hatchimals” might be sold out! It has been very popular and flying off the shelves. A Hatchimal is a furry, walking, and talking toy egg with a bird on the inside. You have to take care of it like it’s a real baby. For example, you have to warm it up if it gets cold, rock it to sleep, and teach it to speak. No matter what’s chosen, you can’t go wrong with one of these items.

T’Nyiah White is a 5th grade scholar at Friendship Woodridge Academy.