All About the Osmosis Jones Movie

Story by Malay Robinson, reporter, FNN Tech Prep Bureau.  Edited by Sean Beach

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December 18, 2015. Osmosis Jones is a movie about a white blood cell that is trying to save the person, Frank whose body he lives in. Even though Frank has a lot of dirty germs in his body, Osmosis is trying to stop him from dying from a virus named Thrax within 48 hours. So Osmosis has to go through all of Frank’s body parts to fight off germs with his partner, a cold pill. The cold pill is helping Osmosis fight off all type of germs, bacteria, tooth decay, and all types of viruses that are coming into Frank’s body. Frank has also been catching fevers and colds, and cramping up because of the foods that he has been eating.

Osmosis Jones is risking his life trying to kill Thrax who is going through Frank’s body including lymph nodes in Frank’s armpits. When his father was a police officer with the “Frank” Police Department like Osmosis, he had to fight the Measles and that’s how Osmosis learned everything he knows.

But it's getting tougher for Osmosis because Frank is still not taking care of his body like he is supposed to. He's getting sicker and sicker because he is eating unsanitized food like uncleaned oysters that has bacteria. Frank also ate an egg that a monkey put his hands all over. The monkey fell on the ground after the monkey scratched his butt. Then Frank wiped snot from his nose into his hand and scratched his butt as well.

After that, Frank and his best friend drove to Buffalo, New York to go to the Buffalo Wing Festival but he got sick, caught a fever and got very light-headed. While driving he fainted, so his best friend called the ambulance to rush Frank to the hospital before he dies. When Frank got to the hospital, his temperature was 107.7. If you want to find out if Franked died or if he didn’t you can go to Putlocker - Watch Movies Online Free and search up Osmosis Jones.

I recommend  this movie because it's educational, funny and you learn stuff about you body.

Malay Robinson and Sean Beach are 7th grade students at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.