African Ancestors Remind Us About Our Past

Story by Tionna Knott, Corde’ Shaw, Tayla Williams, Nya Offutt and Diamond Bryant.

Story editors Nya Offutt and Tionna Knott

APRIL 11, 2016: For 2016 Black History Month we wrote a play about our African Ancestors. We videotaped our performance and showed it at our school’s Black History Month Showcase. The play was about how our African Ancestors taught us kids that we came from greatness. We used our imagination to write the lines we had to say in the story.

We did a lot of research in Mrs. Jordan’s media group. We were confused at first because we didn’t know what Ms. Jordan was talking about. We did not know about black history in Africa before slavery. The research enlightened our minds about our history before slavery. We learned a lot that they don’t teach us in school and on TV.  We like the ancestors because they tell us more about our past and we learned that ancestors are very important to know about in our history. We like learning about the ancestors. We also like them because it involves black history and tells us things we didn’t know before. WOW! It’s cool that our ancestors did amazing things.

Corde’ Shaw is a 2nd grade scholar, Tayla Williams is a 4th grade scholar, Tionna Knott, Nya Offutt and Diamond Bryant are 5th grade scholars at Friendship Southeast Academy.