A Winter Concert to Remember

Story by Zara Savage-Bey and  Nassir Durham. Photos by Dynasty Meade

On Thursday, December 8th, the art and music department put on a spectacular winter concert! Mr. Terrell, the art teacher put on a jaw dropping art display. There were pictures of snowflakes, Santa Claus, and candy canes throughout the auditorium. The entire backdrop of the stage was filled with beautiful snowflakes.

This year’s concert was something special because we had an opportunity to finally present in a real auditorium thanks to Friendship Armstrong. The auditorium was filled with parents, teachers, friends, and students who came out to see the talented performances that had been practiced for months.

The entire show was mainly student run from the music, stage hands, as well as a videographer. There were three mistresses of ceremonies: 7th grader Ramaya Davis and 8th graders Katelyn McGee and Natassja Jones. Also, there were a ton of memorable performances such as the Black Lives Matter “Run Run Run” rap and dance by a combination of first through eighth grade students. The song discussed many of the issues that have taken place with police brutality in many cities across the country. The words and music were created by Nyki Robinson, a 7th grader who wanted to voice his feelings and concerns about police and violence. There were great performances by the cheerleaders and our dance team. The winter concert would not end without someone doing a solo or playing an instrument. There was a vocal performance by Anne-Marie Bangura and Miracle Agbeko singing the song we all know and love “Let it Go”. What a great way to end a winter concert.

Zara Savage-Bey is a 5th grade scholar and Nassir Durham is a 6th grade scholar at Friendship Woodridge Academy.