A North Carolina School Prevents Girls From Wearing Pants To Promote 'Respect'

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Story By Mya Lewis. Photo by Today Show.

DEC. 12, 2018: Charter Day School in Leland, North Carolina does not allow female students to wear shorts or pants. This uniform policy has been there for years. Students have been complying but now as a result of changes in the growing social landscape, and the accumulation of negative feedback for the policy, people have been speaking up. There has been a lawsuit filed against the school by mother Bonnie Peltier, who sued the school in 2016 with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina.

This battle is basically the school vs. parents. The school claims female students are allowed to wear pants or shorts one day per week when they have physical education classes, during certain field trips and spirit days. So pants aren't completely banned. Baker Mitchell, head of the Charter Day School claims “Teen pregnancies and casual sex receive concerned attention in most communities. Thus, the uniform policy seeks to establish an environment in which our young men and women treat one another with mutual respect.” A school office employee also said that girls wearing skirts present a more “professional image”. Teachers also encouraged other girls to “sit like a princess” with their legs tucked to one side in comparison to the boys which sit cross-legged.

The parents claim something totally opposite. They claim that skirts are uncomfortable and that their children cannot do physical activities which at their age, they should be able to do.

The lawsuit is still undecided. So as the case continues, female students are still required to wear uniform as is. Erika Booth, a mom in the lawsuit says “When you’re fighting for your rights, it’s a long game. It’s not short. It’s not easy. It’s persistence that makes this happen ... and she (daughter) understands that.” What is your stance on this topic? I would like to hear your opinions.

Mya Lewis is a junior at Friendship Collegiate Academy.