A Night to Remember

Story by Sean Beach. Photos by Nataleigh Jackson and Maniyah Porter.

JUNE 10, 2019: May 10, 2019, was definitely a night to remember. Why, you ask? It was the FNN Third Annual Awards Ceremony and Dinner. The room was filled with nothing but joy, spirit, and a great smell from delicious food. There were so many smiling faces from FNN reporters, advisors, and parents from all of our campuses. We definitely moved over the Oscars and the Grammys, because there is nothing like being at the FNN Awards Ceremony.

We started off with my favorite part which was the spirit competition. Each bureau made a lot of noise, chanting, and just filling the atmosphere with great school spirit. But, all of that wasn’t enough to beat Woodridge and this was their second year winning. Many awards were given such as students of the year, stories of the year,  the advisor of the year, and my personal favorite, the bureau of the year. It was so great to see all of the work and accomplishments from everyone in FNN.

I am so honored to be the editor-in-chief of the FNN Bureau of the Year, Friendship Tech Prep Academy. Tech Prep took so many awards home that night including the FNN Student of the Year, the Tech Prep Story of the Year, and the Bureau of the Year. When receiving our awards our reporters, and supporters chanted “TECH TECH TECH… PREP PREP PREP!”And after winning the Bureau of the Year we couldn’t help but shout out \another chant “Can I get an FT...PA… I love it, I love it, I love it. '' We definitely felt so honored to be able to take such a magnificent award home. Afterward, I couldn’t wait but to tell our Tier 1 Principal, Mrs. Booth about all of our honors. She said, “I am soooooo proud of you all, Tech Tech Tech”.

All of the reporters from all of our Friendship campuses have done a great job over the past year and we cannot wait to see all of the great news that we will produce during the upcoming year.

Sean Beach and Nataleigh Jackson are sophomores at Friendship Tech Prep Academy. Maniyah Porter is a junior at Friendship Collegiate Academy.