A Great Book for Boys

Book Review by Sean Beach. Picture from Amazon.com.

JAN. 15, 2016: Bud, Not Buddy is about an orphaned boy named Bud who is from Flint, Michigan. Bud has been an orphan since he was 6 years old when his mother died and his father was not around. Bud always carried around a suitcase that reminded him of his mother and the man who he believes was his father. Bud found a foster home with a family called the Amoses. They were mean to him, especially the son Todd. Todd was always fighting him and always calling him a bed-wetter. Every time Mrs. Amos would come in the room when Todd fought Bud, Todd would lie and say that Bud was beating him up. And the Amoses looked in his suitcase when they promised that they wouldn’t.

One day the Amoses put Bud out of their home. So Bud tries to find his father because his mother never told him who is father is. To find his father, he had to go far into Michigan, and he traveled by foot.  

His mother left a clue to help him figure out who his father is—a flyer for Herman E. Calloway and his band from the Depression. Bud really believes the person on the flyer is his father. He would not stop until he found his father. It took four years for Bud to learn about who he believed his father was.

This is a great story for many readers, not just boys. I recommend this story for boys who do not have fathers in their lives.

Sean Beach is a 7th grade student at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.