STEM At The Air and Space Museum

Story by Taleesa Stewart, Noah and Eli Sharpe. Photos by Jaylyn Wright and Jamia Hill.

FNN Chamberlain Bureau: On July 2, 2014, FNN went to the Air and Space Museum in DC during our first week of summer school. We were also  interested in finding the STEM  in our community so the group walked 5 miles total in the heat to get there and back. We learned new facts about aircraft and spacecraft.  Some questions answered in the exhibit were: How does an airplane stay aloft? How can something as insubstantial as air support all that weight? Why do you become "weightless" in space? How can you propel yourself there, with no air to push against? It was cool because you can touch most of the exhibits to explore and find out the answers to the questions. 

At the museum FNN saw two new exhibits.  The names of the exhibits were Spirit and Opportunity: Ten Years Roving Across Mars, and How Things Fly.

While we looked at the exhibits we met visitors who came to the museum to present their research and presentations about space.

 We enjoyed meeting teenage girls who were presenting and a boy who helped them. FNN also took pictures and we watched the movie about airplanes.  One favorite part of the museum is the exhibit when you see all of the airplanes and how they used to work back then. We suggest you visit this museum online or if you are in DC.

We saw pictures of the Apollo that went to the moon and Mars. We observed different exhibits. Some were similar to STEM projects at school. We observed the Botanic Gardens near by the Smithsonian Museum.

My favorite part was taking notes of the ‘’Apollo To The Moon’’. 

You can go here to see the latest exhibits. ‘’Smithsonian museum’’ and learn about stem because its really fun and you can do all types of things in the air and space museum.  

 Taleesa Stewart, Noah Sharpe, Jaylyn Wright and Jamia Hill are all seventh grade students at FPCS Chamberlain.