An Un-Gleeful Interview

Story by Marcel Gallion. Photos by Skye Webster and Aaron Grice.

FNN Alumni Bureau: On July, 15th 2014, the FNN News Team went to MLK Library to interview Chris Colfer—singer, actor, writer, producer, and as most people know him....Glee star. He was promoting his newest book, “Land of Stories: A Grim Warning“. (Apparently, we’re still advertising his book even though his book signing turned out to be a total fluke). We wanted to ask about his writing process and what it was like to be multi-talented. Instead this is what happened.

We got there at 4:30—three hours early—after dying on the train because of the annoying and intolerable fellow passengers, who stood over me, got too close and blocked me from exiting. Then, after being resurrected in the streets, we took a breath of fresh toxic air at Gallery Place. When we got to MLK Library, we still had to wait in this long line—the pre-order line (which turned out to be the wrong line by the way). So why was I getting this book that I was never going to read, which totally questions my purpose of even acknowledging his book (just to be totally honest).

We shot a video intro for the interview, which was supposed to go smoothly. It didn’t because the totally die-hard “Gleeks” and “fanboys” ruined our bigger chances of interviewing Chris, by loudly speaking over our footage, standing up in our shots, and asking irrelevant questions. Although, the intro video went really well, (#GoMarcelyougotthis), we still had to wait another 2 hours, because he was late.This we can blame on Fox 5. 

Apparently their interview was more important than FNN's—the voice of the children and teenagers of Friendship Schools. (#TeamFNN). Thanks Fox 5. You stole our thunder and not even that well.

Finally, the ‘Almighty and Powerful Chris Colfer’ showed up out of nowhere making a grand entrance. Anyways after having to fight off the “Gleeks” and whatever you wanna call the book fans (only 4 of them actually finished the book). Chris, thats fine and dandy and all, but get your fans together.

When we finally tried to interview Chris, the security basically laughed at us and said “nice try but no chance of an interview,”...which gives me the excuse to ask why no one there wanted to hear the voice of the youth. Whatever happened to the voice of the children, especially if we all looked really good that day. After security crushed and tortured our dreams of interviewing Chris, or even getting a single selfie with him, we were told to either sit in our seats in the back or stand in the crowd. Excuse me, security people, don’t ever tell me “good try,”especially if I’m doing my job. But, all that effort was worth it because after waiting in yet another line, Skye (a member of our news team) got a compliment on her hair from Chris. Then Chris took a selfie—something he does at every signing, which is majorly a picture for him with his fans in the background. In the selfie, you can only see a blob of Skye and nothing of me. Good job Chris. I applaud you dude. Keep on trucking.  

Marcel Gallion and Skye Webster a rising juniors in the FNN Summer Program at Friendship Chamberlain Academy. Aaron Grice is a freshman at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.