How To Find Healthy Beauty Products

Story by Jamia Hill, Paris Tyler, Khamari Blalock and Nija Lemons  

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FNN Chamberlain Bureau: Makeup, is  it safe?  Hello My name is Jamia and I have been looking up ingredients in makeup. My classmates Nija and Khamari and I are interested in learning more about how to find out if it is safe. We looked at different makeup and read that some makeup is safe and some is not. There are many kinds of makeup.  You can shop at Ulta and be safe with beauty products, but do not wear any that you are allergic to or that have a lot of chemicals. 

For healthy nail polish try the brands like Minerals, Hopscoth, Opi and Essie that are free of toxic chemicals. If your face gets pink or you get a rash you may be allergic. Two other healthy brands you can try are Neutrogena and Origins.

What’s in makeup? There are chemicals inside some makeup that are dangerous.  Some makeup has parabens.  Face products and lotions may have parabens.  They may cause breast cancer.  The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA  have connected “ methyl parabens”  to cancers and brain disorders.  Another dangerous item in makeup is Mercury. 


It can destroy your kidneys and nervous system. To read more go to this website:

Gel manicures are nice but dangerous. The lamps used to dry the polish increase the risk of “skin cancer”. Some research says that drying nails with UV-A radiation may create a cancer risk. Try wearing sunscreen before you put your hands under the lamp to help lower your risk.  Ask for Zoya nail polish. It has less chemicals. Check and read the labels, Many new colors for Piggy Polish,Ellie, Opi and Minerals nail polish also do not have the “ toxic three”: dibutyl phthalate, toluene and formaldehyde. If you go to you will find that the nail polish is DPB toluene and formaldehyde free.

With these facts, you can shop for safe makeup. Go to Ulta or CVS and read the label.  You can also make your own makeup.  Here is a link to make colored lipstick. Try if you're interested. We made it using a solar cooker and had fun. You can even make it glossy if you want to.

Makeup is interesting and you can create your own style with it. However remember to use products that are safe. Read the labels and news updates online.

Khamari Blalock, Paris Tyler and Jamia Hill are 8th grade students and Nija Lemons is a second grade student at Friendship Chamberlain Academy.