Great Beginnings: Titans At It Again!! 2-0

Story by Reina Tindle

FNN Tech Prep Bureau: SEPTEMBER 24, 2014. Today at Anacostia Park, the Titans won their second game of the season against Maya Angelou, 20-18—making them 2-0 in their season.  Today's game was a close call but with offensive MVP, Diamante Battle and defensive MVP Parris White, we were able to bring home the victory 20-18!  Junior, Alex Lemons had the first touchdown on a 5 yard touchdown run. Then, on the next possession Derrick Morgan had an interception followed by a 20-yard touch down by Diamante Battle. Battle then scored a 2 point conversion. 

If you think those boys were doing something, it wasn't anything compared to the 60 yard touchdown pass to Diamante Battle. That pass put us in the lead! Maya Angelou scored with 5 seconds left and needed a 2 point conversion to tie the game and with those 5 seconds Parris White came in with the game saving sack, helping his team win their second game. The Titans are showing that they will be the team to beat this season.

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Reina Tindle is a senior at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.