All About DIYs

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FNN Armstrong’s Skyla Ward reports on the value of DIY projects. Stock Image from

APR. 9, 2019: Have you ever wondered about what a DIY is? In this article you will learn what DIY stands for, when and where it began, famous people who do DIY’s and more.

DIY stands for “do it yourself”. DIYs are projects that you can do by yourself using a variety of different materials. DIYs can be really easy to very hard but they are usually fun!  Around the early 1900s, the term DIY was first used to describe mostly home improvement projects. Today, DIYs have grown to include much more. DIYs have become very popular and you might see a lot of DIY videos on Youtube. Famous or well known Youtubers to do DIYs are LaurDIY, Moriah Elizabeth, Wengie and more. A lot of the girls at my school love DIY’s so much so that we would have school projects on DIYs!

Some popular DIY projects are slime, squishies and clothes. DIYs such as slime had been getting dangerous for kids at one point. A girl got a 3rd degree burn from making slime with borax. Now there are alot of brands making slime kits that are safer for kids. When doing a DIY make sure you are safe with the materials and get support if the project is hard.

People are also making DIY kits with a lot of stuff. DIY’s are great because you can express how creative and unique you are. You can also get ideas from people to make something. I was inspired by a video on Youtube of a woman making her own DIYs for her room. She made her own candles and plants. For the plants she took a mini clear vase and added colored sand to it and made sand art. Halfway through making the sand art she put in a little cactus. For the candles she took crayons and melted it to create the colors. She combined the wax and the melted crayon and poured it into the jar. She put the candle stick into it so it can be an actual candle—super easy ideas and very stylish.

People also do challenges to see who can DIY better. But DIYs don't always have to be a piece of art. You can make DIY games, apps, projects, and more. A lot of people DIY food projects. Yo can add extra flavors to cake, sweets,main meals and sides.

DIYs are a great way to show your creativity and your imagination. Which DIYs are you excited to try?

Skyla Ward is a 5th grade scholar at Friendship Armstrong Academy.