Third Grader Wins LEGO Science Championship

Story by Marcellus Peters-Jackson. Photo by Braylon Wims.

APRIL 18, 2018: This year Woodridge Elementary has a LEGO Junior League. This afterschool club is sponsored by our 3rd grade math teacher Ms.Taylor Dow. During the program, students are taught tons of math and science concepts through real-world application. We are able to design, build, and create using LEGO’s products. Ms. Dow took Woodridge to compete at the District competition and there we met several other teams around the area.

When we arrived, we set up our projects at the designated tables and presented before a group of judges. Afterwards, everyone participated in some fun activities like making slime, bowling, games, and so much more.

Later, we got a chance to visit other projects and ask questions. Finally, it was time for the awards. The first place name was called and it was Woodridge International Academy. First place for the project entitled “Aqua Adventure”. This project explained what a watergate is and how we need more in the D.C. communities. Floodgates are needed to prevent most floods from happening. We need more floodgates because people have to pay too much money for the property damage to their homes or don’t have the money to pay at all.

Marcellus Peters-Jackson is a 3rd grade scholar and Braylon Wims is a 7th grade scholar at Friendship Woodridge Academy.