My Family’s Emotional Stress and Anxiety during the Government Shutdown

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Story and photo by Marcellus Peters-Jackson

MAR. 4, 2019: Has anyone heard about the government shutdown? Approximately 33 days ago President Donald Trump decided to shut down the government for border security. I recently heard on the news that roughly 800,000 people have lost their jobs or have been affected by this shut down. My mother was one of the people affected. I had a real serious conversation with her to see how she was feeling. I thought this would make a great story so everyone could see how families are dealing with all of this. This was our conversation:

Marcellus: How long have you been furloughed, Mom?

Mom: I have been furloughed for 32 days. I received my letter on December 26, 2018.

Marcellus: How has the shutdown affected our family?

Mom: Thankfully we are okay.  I am in a good position and had savings to help with our bills.  If this situation continues I will have to look for another source of income.

Marcellus: If you could say something to the President what would it be?

Mom: I have just one question for him. Why are the American people being punished?

After interviewing my mom, I was able to understand how my mom really felt about this situation, and not assume how she was feeling. I actually have a couple questions for the President. First, do you even care about families not being able to take care of their children because of your shutdown? Also, why did you run for President in the first place if you lack the International Baccalaureate trait, caring?

I have concluded that since Donald Trump shut down the government and decided to reopen it for only three weeks that he doesn't really care about the government, the employees, or the nation.  He cares only about what he wants and nothing more. Now that the government seems to be open for good, let’s hope that Donald Trump doesn't find another reason to shut down our government again.

Marcellus Peters-Jackson is a 4th grade student at Friendship Woodridge Academy.