African Food Comes to America

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By Dionne Wallace, Breonna Fleming, Ja’shai Matthews, Naela Jones, Elijah Corley. Photos by Elijah Corley.  

MAR. 26, 2019: For Black History Month, we tasted African food: Jambalaya, watermelon, okra, black- eyed peas, rice pudding and couscous. These are some foods that originated in Africa that are commonly eaten in America.

Couscous comes from North Africa. We never tasted couscous but today we got a chance to try Moroccan food from a restaurant named Fettoosh. First, we smelled it. We thought it smelled good, but the couscous looked weird with the vegetables. You will never know until you taste it. At first it tasted like chicken Oodles of Noodles. Chickpeas, fava beans, vegetables, chicken and saffron rice were in the couscous. We also had hot Moroccan mint tea.

We all thought that the food was really different from food we eat everyday. What we liked about   the food was the flavor of the couscous. We are thankful for Black History Month because we would not ever has even thought about African food, so  it brought out the idea for us to try tasting African food.

Elijah Corley is a 4th grade scholar, Dionne Wallace, Breonna Fleming, Ja’shai Matthews, Naela Jones are 3rd grade scholars at Friendship Southeast Academy.