Androids vs. Iphones

Story by Deziyah, Flood. Picture by Google.

What do you prefer, Androids or Iphones? They both are extremely different. However, they are both equipped with every application needed to survive. So what's the rave and rant that makes these phones so hot?  Well, one thing that has totally transformed technology are emojis. Emojis are little picture faces describing expressions.  Android emojis, in my opinion, are disgraceful while iPhone emojis are known for being the best. Not to mention that Android's camera is blurry with 8 megapixels and iPhone comes in first place with 12 megapixels. With that being said, iPhone cameras are very clear, concise and not blurry at all. And they just came out with a new iPhone 7 which is amazing.

My mom always says that Androids are better than iPhones, but my aunt claims iPhones are better than Androids. I, Deziyah, think that iPhones are better. What do you think?

Deziyah Flood is an outstanding 5th grade scholar at Friendship Blow Pierce Academy.