3D Printers Are Making History In Space

Story by FNN reporters Jewel McKissick and Alana McClellan. 

Photos from http://www.space.com/27008-3d-printer-launch-international-space-station.html, NASA and BBC News.

DECEMBER 4, 2014. NASA sent a 3D printer into space in September.  I know what you're thinking. Why is NASA sending a 3D printer into space. Well, according to NASA they are sending a printer into space because they hope one day astronauts will be able to fix space craft by cranking out spare parts on the spot. NASA is also researching and studying the possibility of food printing technology for long duration space missions. To read more about this topic you can go to http://www.space.com/27008-3d-printer-launch-international-space-station.html  or NASA.


If you don’t know what a 3D printer is, it’s a 21st century tool. A 3D printer is a technology printer that prints 3 dimensional objects instead of images on paper. Three dimensional printers make objects in layers out of many materials including plastic, metal and much more.  

When the astronauts create spare parts or food for the 3D printer to make, it would take probably 30 minutes or an hour or even a whole day depending on the size of the creation. 

What do you think about using a 3D printer to make food? Write your opinion in the box below.  I think it is going to be good because you definitely don’t have to cook or have to rush in traffic to go to the store. To follow the story read the links above.

Jewel McKissick and Alana McClellan are 7th grade scholars at Friendship Chamberlain Academy.