Tier One Schools Strive for Success

The FPCS Chamberlain Honor Society and Majorettes.

The FPCS Chamberlain Honor Society and Majorettes.

Story by FNN reporters Kemarte Jefferson, Teresa Matthews and Makaila Weldon. Photos by George Jones.

DECEMBER 4, 2014. This Fall Chamberlain celebrated another year as a Tier One School. Tier One schools are schools that have achieved this status because they are showing academic growth, student achievement, parent satisfaction and college readiness.  On November 14, 2014, FPCS Chamberlain hosted the Tier One Schools Ceremony. In attendance were public charter school community members, Mayor Gray, Abigail Smith, Deputy Mayor for Education and public charter school board members.

FPCS Chamberlain not only offers a great education system that gives every student what they need to achieve, it also offers a wide selection of diverse after school activities that give students a chance to show and grow talents and skills and increase opportunities for all kinds of scholarships including academic or athletic scholarships that can give kids a chance to choose the colleges that they attend.  


According to Makaila Weldon, “being a Tier One Student sometimes may be challenging when it comes to the tests like the benchmarks. You must always be respectful and believe in yourself. I like how the teachers do not make us go ahead until we accomplish the lesson correctly. Teachers here encourage us to believe in ourselves and never give up. Our administrator lets us have fun but after the fun we get back to work.”

FPCS Chamberlain students are some of the most athletic and academic scholars ever. We have  great sports and after school clubs with more than 10 activities after school to choose from. Chamberlain Flag Football, Chamberlain Dance Team,  Chamberlain Cheerleading, Chamberlain Volleyball, Chamberlain Robotics, Chamberlain FNN, tutoring, Chamberlain Majorettes and Chamberlain Flag Girls, Chamberlain Drum Corps, Chamberlain Reading Partners, Chamberlain Honor Society Chamberlain Track and Chamberlain Basketball are just some of the academic and athletic opportunities available to Chamberlain students.  Many of our students learn and develop the basics and foundation skills here during their practice and performance and continue to develop these skills in high school. We are super scholars and athletes and will advance if we put our minds and hearts into anything we do.

Kemarte Jeffereson and Teresa Matthews are 7th grade scholars, Makaila Weldon is a 5th grade scholar and George Jones is an 8th grade scholar at Friendship Chamberlain Academy.