To Become a Better Cheerleader You Have to Bond

Story by Asia Ferrell. Photo from Instagram Page

NOV. 30, 2018: This school year I've joined the cheerleading team and the experience is definitely fantastic and interesting. The experience is interesting because the team bonded with the newcomers quickly and I truly liked that. I learned that team bonding is something I needed to work on because I really didn't like working with others until I became a cheerleader. One of the main reasons I wanted to become a cheerleader is because I knew that I have great quality because I am taller than most of the cheerleaders and I am smaller than the others.

I joined the cheerleading squad because of the competitions. I like to battle others to see what we are doing wrong so we can fix that. There are some competitions coming up around February and March and I am very excited for them because the cheerleaders are going to be around each other for a long time so that’s a plus.

In conclusion, I think that team bonding is an important key to being a cheerleader because once you are around different people you can start working with others and that's a good thing in the real world.

Presenting your Friendship Tech Prep Cheerleaders 2018-2019 from front to back we have…
C’Erra Andrews (Blue Belle/Blue Team)

Nevaeh Williams-McGriff (Co-Captain/Blue Belle/Blue Team)

Dichelle Dyson (Captain/Blue Belle/Blue Team)

Deja Bouknight (White Team)

Mikhiya Jones (Blue Team)

Valencia Robinson (Blue Team)

Asia Ferell (Blue Team)

Tamyra Barker (Blue Team)

The cheerleaders who are not in the picture are...

Nashay Jackson (Blue Bell/Blue Team)

Aaliyah Moore (White Team)

Raquel Robinson (Blue Team)

Brandon Brown (White Team)

Empris Graham (Blue Team)

Deja Bouknight ( WhiteTeam)

Aziyah Venable ( WhiteTeam)

Mikhiyah Jones ( Blue Team)

Treyvon Frazier (White Team)

Asia Ferrell is a 10th grade scholar at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.