Woodridge Is Different

Story by Marcellus Peters-Jackson & Christopher Southerland, Jr. Photos by Christopher Southerland., Jr.  Logo courtesy of National Footballotball League.

OCT. 24, 2018: Friendship Woodridge is unlike any other school. There are no limits to our achievements. Woodridge has been doing some incredible things in the community. For example, we've been making music videos for charitable causes such as "Stop Bullying". Last year the school was rated Tier One by the DC Public Charter School Board. Our school has many different reasons for being at the top of the charts when it comes to education. We rank the best because of our test scores and our great International Baccalaureate program

First of all, our school has been really hype over the years.  Last year, our news team won the “Spirit Stick” at the FNN Awards Dinner for bringing the noise. We were some of the youngest, brightest, and energetic group of students at the FNN Awards dinner!

Our school offers many after school clubs for learning other than just the core subjects. For example, we have a Student Government club that teaches the students how to be leaders by taking leadership roles. This year we are offering a new club that we called the Anime Club. This is a club that allows you to express your anime-loving self. There are a ton of other clubs to choose from as well.

Other schools don’t offer all of the things Woodridge has to offer. This is because our school has worked hard to get to where we are. Our school is based on love, education, family, and friendship. You may not believe it when we say this, but we have a Youtube video with over 100 likes! This school video was made for a serious cause. That cause is to stop bullying. Our school also has a very nice library for the people who love to read and borrow the books they love.

Woodridge is the best school, and nobody can change that. All of our classmates love the school too. We have to give props to the teachers for doing such a great job with us. We also have the best administrators as well.

Come join the fun at the school where the journey of learning begins and where the sky's the limit! We love it here at the Friendship Public Charter School Woodridge Campus, “Home Of the Eagles.”

Christopher Southerland and Marcellus Peters-Jackson are both 4th grade scholars at Friendship Woodridge Academy.