# Like a Girl Spotlight: Stefanie Dolson and Jkhya Jordan

by Jkhya Jordan.  Photo of Dolson from Google images and photo of Jordan by Namir Suber.

DEC. 7, 2015: Hello, my name is Jkhya Jordan. I want to tell you about my favorite athlete, Stephanie Dolson. She’s the most impressive professional athlete to me. When I grow up I want to play B-ball for UConn (University of Connecticut) and go to the WNBA just like her.  She inspires me.  She is a WNBA player.  Did you know she attended college before going PRO?  She was part of the UConn girls B-ball team and now is a professional B-ball player for the Mystics.  Her offensive and defensive games impresses me.

Stefanie Dolson’s academic and athletic achievements are so impressive. I want to try to follow in the same steps. And I’m well on my way to becoming a student athlete with some of my experiences including AAU team experience and Chamberlain Varsity B-ball.  I always try to learn from talented athletes. I had the opportunity to watch and speak with the Georgetown and Maryland Girls B-ball teams. I try and complete my school work with 100 percent effort even though school can be a challenge.   

Good sportmanship is shown  by Stephanie Dolson on and off the court. I try to do that also and it is not always easy.   

I play many sports and B-ball is my favorite. I play B-ball for a few teams and I’m on the Chamberlain flag football team. The boys are nice to me when I play. They are supportive

and fair and sometimes they are so funny. It’s so much fun playing flag football with the boys.  Like Dolson, it will take a lot of practice, discipline and talent to achieve my dream.

My biggest support for achieving my dream of being a great student athlete and a WNBA player comes from family. I’m very lucky to have my family to look up to and stick by my side to the end.  I have family that play B-ball like me.    

Not only is she a great player, Stefanie Dolson cares about the community. When her community was impacted by Hurricane Irene,  the team went to a local high school and helped out. "Giving back to the community during the power outages, the storm and everything,  just to be able to give food to everybody, I know we all love it and love helping out. It's crazy. There are so many people here. I didn't think it would have affected this many people. We are just glad to help and I can't believe how many people are here,” said Dolson.  

Stefanie Dolson is a great example of how to become a college athlete and WNBA player.  She has ambition,  goals, work ethic, academic excellence, talent, skills and attitude.  These are the reasons she made it to college and the WNBA.  She is a great athlete and scholar.   

Jkhya Jordan is a sixth grade scholar and Namir Suber is an eighth grade scholar at Friendship Chamberlain Academy.